Rangers Lacrosse Volunteer Information and Requirements

The success of your Ranger Lacrosse Club and its season is highly dependent upon parent volunteers.  For the upcoming season the board has revised the volunteer system to work on a credit basis similar to other successful lacrosse programs in our area.  All volunteer opportunities are assigned a credit value and each player's family is responsible for accumulating a minimum of ten (10) credits throughout the fall and spring season.

There will be a $100 volunteer deposit check required from each player in grades 9-12. Families with multiple players will be required to pay only one volunteer deposit. Players will not get to participate in season games until the deposit has been paid in full.

Players/Parents who accumulate ten volunteer credits by the end of the season will have their volunteer deposit refunded. Although you have the option to donate your volunteer deposit in lieu of volunteering, we encourage parents to volunteer. Refunds will be prorated based on volunteer credits. For example, if only 5 credits were accumulated throughout the season then 50% of the deposit would be returned.

We are a great, fun loving, group of parents and players and want to make these volunteer opportunities worthwhile and FUN! This year we will be getting together after some of the fund-raising events to spend time getting to know each other and build a Ranger Nation family.
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities fall into two general categories and you may fulfill your ten credits from either category: Event Volunteers and Game Day Volunteers.

Event Volunteers:  these opportunities are related to individual events throughout the year like fund-raising events (UT stadium clean up, football concessions, gift-wrapping, shoot-a-thon) and end of season banquet.

Game Day Volunteers:  these roles comprise the bulk of the volunteer opportunities and are related to successfully running all lacrosse games.  They also include setting up the practice field at the start of the season, staffing the concession and merchandise tent at the games, and serving as photographer and videographer for the games.